Run time!

Knowing how to manage time to be more effective in your life is key to being a successful person and fighting stress. If you do not know how to do it, these tips to take advantage of the time can help you.

Gaby Vargas, author of 'I decide', explains in her book that when you put in perspective, all those daily activities to which you dedicate some time, you may see as a wise decision, eliminate those that obviously are not worth it.

Also a speaker and communicator, share these tips to take advantage of time. Do not lose detail!


Run time!

1. Write down all those "little" things that you have to do and distribute them into categories: house, office and meetings. Palomea all those that you are releasing.

2. Delegate. When you are in a hurry, and you want to buy time, it is valid to ask for support from someone else who does things that in other circumstances you would do. Remember that being 'the wonder woman' is very exhausting.

3. Do one thing after another, do not start several things at once, and once you start something do it even if you take a little longer. Incomplete tasks then force you to waste time when resuming them.

4. Avoid being constantly available: It does not hurt to set certain limits to avoid spending the day in contact with others, either in person, by phone or mail. There are times when you need to be with yourself, not give explanations and do what you like so much.

5. Learn to say NO. When you do it, you free yourself from doing everything that stops you, you overcome fear and fear of what they will say.

If you follow these tips to take advantage of the time you will notice that you advance more in your daily tasks and you can do the activities of your pleasure without postponing them more. It's all about organizing and wanting to do things. You dare?

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