Run miner to free yourself from chaos

Edison Peña , who was one of the 33 miners who was trapped under the ground at the San José mine in Chile for 69 days, announced that he will run on Sunday, November 7. New York Marathon .

This edition marks the 40th anniversary of the first New York Marathon , which has become one of the most desired careers for anyone who decided to adopt the marathons as a lifestyle.

Going through the streets of Manhattan and living with the more than 25 thousand participants and millions of people who give their support to the runners is an experience. Thus, Edison Peña He stated that running is already part of his life. He was one of the miners who ran through the cavity, which enlivened the wait of several weeks until the rescue.

Pain He said he ran five to 10 kilometers a day. The 34-year-old miner says: "I ran to show that I did not just wait, I wanted to be an active participant in my own salvation, and when I ran it gave me the chance to shake off my tension, free my head and leave all my chaotic thoughts behind." .

After the rescue, the organizers of the marathon invited Pain to attend the event on Sunday. "I have a knee injury from being in the mine, but I'm anxious to cross the finish line."

Pain He clarified that at first he was running with his long miner's boots that almost reached his knee, but then he cut them to run more easily.

Edison reiterates that now its goal is to motivate others to overcome. "I never said to myself: no, I can not, but I looked for how to do it and I did it, and also without light, and with 30 degrees of heat all day".

Benefits of running

Run It is a good way to exercise. It is effective to sweat and accelerate the metabolism of stored fats and calories .

The first thing you should do when you are exercising , is to review your position. The organism definitely needs to be upright. The shoulders should remain relaxed throughout the body. Lift your feet as high as you can and move your arms as you continue up or down the stairs.

Do it several times until you recover your own breath. It is normal for you to run out of breath and feel too tired when you exercise, but you will notice regularly or every day that your body can run more. In the process, the shapes of the hips, thighs and abdomen are improved.

If you want to start in this sport. Start running once a week. In the following, increase your training up to three times a week. Yes you run for 20 minutes you will have a nice body; you metabolism and yours bones will improve.

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