Routines to strengthen your biceps

There are several ways to exercise musculature of yours arms . However, weight is the key in this type of routines , what is indicated for men and women is different, due to differences in torso strength between both sexes and is that women have a lower proportion of muscle mass in that area.

More and more women worry about their physical appearance, and the wide arms are usually one of their biggest annoyances. This is because women are more likely to store excess grease in this part of the body, which is the energy reserve of the organism, although each person has a specific place.

However, do not worry, this routine for biceps will help you tone them and feel better. The following video made by Prevem insurance teaches you how to strengthen your arms .

Unlike women, it is easier for men to lose grease quickly. This is because women store it more in their bodies. With this routine performed by the instructor John Flores , men can work their muscle mass .

It is very easy to make these exercises No need to attend a gym. The goal is that both the people who practice at home, and those who train at a Sports Club, are benefited, but do not forget that the constancy and the discipline They are essential to achieve your goals.

You can also ask a health expert or a physical trainer to guide you about the type of exercise deal for you There are no pretexts, cheer up and get fit!

Video Medicine: Weight Training : How to Build Biceps & Forearms (May 2024).