Routine to tone your buttocks

One of the most attractive areas for men and women, is undoubtedly the buttocks . We present a routine to strengthen the gluteus majors , which are the biggest and strongest muscle of all muscular system .

It originates in the final part of the iliac crest , posterior surface of the sacrum and lumbar facia. It is inserted in the posterior and superior part of the femur and is continued through a long insertion tendon, constituted by the so-called iliotibial band of Maissiat until it ends in the tibia.

In sport, the gluteus maximus It is responsible for bringing the leg backwards by pushing the body forward. Therefore, all sports where the body moves by bringing the leg backwards as skating Y ski , the gluteus maximus is present.

In an interview with Arli Lifshitz , instructor of Jazzercise From the valley , explains how to work this area of ​​the body:

Another good way to tone this part of the body is run and constantly climb stairs. With these exercises , you will achieve a stronger musculature. At the same time, you will earn muscle mass in the legs and buttocks, so you can develop much better other types of activities in which these are involved muscles .

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