Routine to strengthen your core

The Core Pilates It is a branch of Pilates oriented to learn motor strategies, one's own body awareness, the work of breathing , the Balance and the functional movement .

The core is the center of the body that involves abdominal muscles and of the lower back . Keeping it strong is essential because it is the main support of our body; In addition, it helps to correct position and to do the moves more efficient and functional.

The force and the balance of the core transfers power simultaneously to arms Y legs , and vice versa, when force is needed, functional movement is interrupted and the risk of injuries .

According to information from the magazine Balance , the core training programs that currently exist are very different from traditional abdominals.

The instructor Melisa Echavarría shows you a routine for strengthen you core and teaches you how breathe :



  1. It allows to develop a large body control
  2. Correct problems position
  3. Increase the flexibility , the force and the resistance
  4. Prevents and helps you in recovering Skeletal muscle injuries

The goal is to strengthen the center of the body to activate the muscles Y stabilize it at the moment in which any effort .

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