Routine to strengthen the legs

If he sport is part of your life or are you interested in making exercise for tone up the lower part of your body, here we present an express routine that will allow you to get rid of the flaccidity Y grease that accumulate in this area.

Arli Lifshitz , instructor of exercise in Jazzercise of the Valley of Mexico , explains how to strengthen the internal part of muscles of the legs, since doing so will achieve a balance throughout your body.

Sometimes this muscle group is neglected because it is believed that they train with the rest of the exercises to harden the legs, but this is not the case, it requires certain "body movements" to be strong and healthy.

Remember that the ideal is that before making any exercise , go with an expert in sports medicine and know what routine is best for you. In addition, combining the work of each area of ​​the body is crucial, to achieve the desired results.

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