Routine for arms and shoulders

The shoulders Y arms , both in men and women, are the forgotten ones of the body. Do not you feel that sometimes they weigh you and do not respond to your instructions? It's natural, because you do not exercise them and you give them very little of your attention. Here we present a series of exercises that can help you strengthen them .

Before you start, you must warm up

It is very important to make a routine of heating before undertaking the task. Remember that you must exercise Slowly, controlled and without taking advantage of "inertias".

Athletes say that it is better to do few exercises, but well done, they finish a series incorrectly. Try to perform the floor routines on a suitable mattress to be more comfortable.

To notice the physical improvement, you must perform these series at least 3 times a week; Also, remember that the results will be closely linked to your perseverance. After performing these exercises it is important to realize the stretches necessary.

Exercises to strengthen shoulders and arms

Lying on the floor, place the body on the right side and place the legs one on top of the other slightly flexed forward to improve balance during the exercise .

Place the left hand behind the head as a cushion and take a dumbbell with the other arm. With the elbow stuck to the waist and the forearm flexed forward, raise and lower the dumbbell of the floor to the height of the waist .

In each repetition, do not rest the dumbbell on the floor; get as close as you can to maintain an effort. The first days, it realizes 16 repetitions followed for each arm (at 2 times each).


For the biceps

Take the cufflinks and stand up straight, with your legs slightly apart. Flex the arms upwards directing the dumbbell towards the shoulder and trying not to separate the elbows from the body. Remember that it is a exercise of arms , therefore, avoids any lumbar movement; stay straight and do the exercise controlling the up and down movements (without taking advantage of the inertia).

The first days, make 8 repetitions in a row (at 2 times each) and go up as you feel the results.

For triceps

1. Take the dumbbell with the arm right and lift it upright in a fully vertical position; Flexes to an angle of 90 degrees above the head.

You must maintain, at all times the arm to the head, to avoid rebounds and bad positions you can help and fix the position with the other hand. Makes 8 repetitions in a row for each arm (at 2 times each) during the first days.

2. To do this exercise you need a step or any step that is higher than the ground. Stand seated with your back to the step with the legs forward and slightly flexed. Put your hands on the step and lift the weight of your body up with the strength of the arm.

Do this exercise without resting your body on the ground; when you are about to touch it, it goes up again and so on. During the first days, make 8 repetitions in a row (at 2 times each).

Stand with your right leg forward and semi-flexed and the other stretched out from behind. Support the arm right on the leg forward and tilts the body slightly forward while maintaining the back and the waist straight. Take it dumbbell with the arm left and, starting from a position stretched downwards, lift it to the height of the waist flexing the arm backwards. Makes 8 repetitions in a row for each arm (at 2 times each), during the first days.

Do not wait any longer and practice these simple exercises to keep you in shape!


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