Romeritos with shrimp pancakes

The chemical composition of rosemary provides the body with ingredients such as flavonoids and phenolic acids, which have a stimulating action on the nervous system, circulatory and in the heart, says the expert Raúl Avila Sosa from the Universidad del Mar (UMAR).

However, according to its preparation this plant can become an ideal option to combat certain conditions; example, the reliquid storage, this through an infusion that promotes an effect diuretic .


Romeritos with shrimp pancakes

Christmas is an ideal time to incorporate all the properties of rosemary to your diet and without altering your figure in any way. Check this delicious and easy to prepare option!



2 kilos of fresh rosemary clean

200 shoddy shrimp to precooked shrimp

½ kilo of potato cambray

300 grams of cactus pear in cubes

500 grams of ground dry shrimp

3 cups of chicken broth

100 grams of ground dry shrimp

3 eggs

1 tablespoon ground bread




1. In a pot cook potatoes and cactus potatoes for about 20 minutes.

2. Clean the romeritos very well removing the part of the stem and any withered leaf that you see. The best technique is to do it from top to bottom, thus removing the leaves.

3. Then boil the rosemary in a liter of water.

4. In another pot, place the mole and the chicken broth, when it acquires a light and thick consistency, start adding the previously cooked rosemary potatoes and nopales. Let boil for a few more minutes.

5. In bowl place the shrimp powder and the eggs. Mix until a dough is formed.

6. In a pan, previously heated, place a little olive oil and fry small balls of the dough made in the previous step.

Rosemary can also prevent oxidation (the body's natural process and that contributes to aging) from damaging your heart; its extract increases activity antioxidant and makes it more durable.

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