Roger Federer trains more than 100 hours

To become one of the greatest exponents of tennis worldwide and Olympic, Roger Federer he spends long hours of training with Pierre Paganini, his trainer, especially when there are no big tournaments; that is, do not neglect even one day your physical preparation and training.

Together with your coach, you usually spend approximately 10 hours a day and every week for your different types of training . Even during a full season, this tennis player usually reaches 100 hours of physical work.

As part of his preparation, he has a specific routine of weights and uses other devices to strengthen his upper limbs, which explains his powerful service and fast movement with his backhand at one hand.

Roger too Jump the rope opening and closing the legs (with one or both feet) to develop strength and speed, a very important factor for reaction and speed on a tennis court.

Do push-ups and use devices such as bike Static that greatly improve your agility, in addition to helping you develop your upper muscles, such as your torso.

To improve his coordination, he runs and sprints across the tennis court passing the lateral medicine ball, forward or backward, next to Paganini. He also uses the medicine ball to improve the management of your feet.

To learn more about its preparation and exercises on the courts, in GetQoralHealth we present you a video:

In addition to all the physical activity , another important aspect for Federar is food. Actually do not use Dietary supplements , but eat foods that are appropriate for your health, like a normal person, but when you are close to contesting a tournament you try to control your diet .

Similar to his eternal opponent, Nadal, he eats three staples before each game: 1 pasta dish (carbohydrates), 1 salad serving (fiber, minerals and vitamins) and 2 steaks (protein), nutrients based on whole diet balanced and complete.

Roger Federer he is one of the greatest tennis players in the world, who will try to ratify him during the Olympics this summer, and although these are only some of his secrets, it is important to work at the same time, the mental aspect to give beyond 100%.

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Video Medicine: Professional Tennis Training with coach Dabul (Federer, Nadal, Djokovic, Murray, Halep, Williams) (May 2024).