Risks of using vinegar to treat a vaginal infection

Most of the women have had a vaginal infection and, therefore, we know that the discomfort can be insufferable. Such is the despair, that we do not limit ourselves when it comes to trying remedies to fight it.


There is a myth that douching is beneficial for our vagina, and even more so when we have an infection. But the reality is different, because:


  1. They can cause complications related to pregnancy

It is proven that if these types of showers are carried out more than once a week, the difficulty to get pregnant increases.

  1. You run the risk of getting pelvic inflammatory disease

This disease will cause your uterus, fallopian tubes and ovaries to be affected.

  1. Irritate your intimate area

It is believed that these vinegar baths help keep your intimate area cleaner and fresher; However, you should know that what they do is alter the balance of your vaginal flora, promoting the ideal environment for the cultivation of bacteria.


Before making any home remedy for your intimate hygiene, consult with your gynecologist, as he will always have the right treatment for you.

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