Risks of high cholesterol

Despite the myths that revolve around cholesterol , it is known that most people with the high cholesterol they do not consume much grease .

But why does the cholesterol ? The answer is simple: When the body detects little energy, try to compensate, through the manufacture of more cholesterol .

For example, exercising on an empty stomach, having a slow metabolism or spending many hours without eating raises cholesterol.
Many know the harmful influence of cholesterol for the heart . However, few know what their normal function is: cholesterol is responsible for transporting food.

What is the function of cholesterol?

Obviously a hamburger can not travel through the blood and that is why the liver must make small wagons to transport the food to the whole body. These wagons are called: cholesterol .

Why does it increase?

The lack of energy in the body activates the sensation of hunger; is prepared to eat and then transport food, making more cholesterol . If it continues even after eating, the cholesterol it increases exaggeratedly to compensate.


Symptoms of high cholesterol

It is important to note that having the high cholesterol It does not cause any symptoms at all. Only people with the cholesterol very high have injuries calleds xanthomas (a skin condition in which the fat deposits below the surface of the skin).

Habits that cause high cholesterol :

1 . Do not eat breakfast

2 . Do not rest enough.

3 . Do exercises on an empty stomach.

4 . Do not consume enough proteins.

Some diseases that increase the levels of harmful cholesterol in the blood are the hypothyroidism and the hyperinsulinism (insulin resistance).

While some of the foods that increase cholesterol levels are: alcoholic drinks , trans fats (junk food ) Y simple carbohydrates (simple sugar)


Drugs that raise cholesterol

The birth control pills They are frequently the cause of high cholesterol but also others such as glucosamine, Chinese pills and some antidepressants .

Therefore, medications to lower the cholesterol are very useful to prevent diseases of the heart and its adverse effects are infrequent.

If you have the high cholesterol Your doctor may prescribe a "statin": The most commonly used type of cholesterol-lowering drug. There are six statins.

Four of them are now sold as generics, which is why they are less expensive: atorvastatin , lovastatin , pravastatin Y simvastatin . The effectiveness of these generics is as good as the most expensive drugs.

Atorvastatin: Lipitor
Lovastatin: Mevacor, Altoprev
Simvastatin: Zocor, Vytorin (Simvastatin and Ezetimibe)
Rosuvastatin: Crestor

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