Risk factors for breast cancer

There is a lot of information about breast cancer, but that is not enough to stop the disease.

Knowing about this condition is basic to be able to face it and that is why the doctor Rubén Zuart Alvarado , Coordinator of Medical Programs of the Coordination of Integrated Health Programs of the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS), explains for GetQoralHealth the factors that increase the possibility to develop it.

1. Start of the menstruation before 12 years of age.
2. Apparition of the menopause after 50
3. Not having children, or having children after 37 years of age.
4. Absence of Breastfeeding .
5. Have a direct family history (grandmother, mother or sister) who have suffered.
6. The use of contraceptives for a long time (without medical supervision)
7. Overweight I obesity .
8. Sedentary ; lack of exercise.
9. Increase in consumption animal fats .
10. Use of estrogen I artificial hormones .


Obesity and menopause

The doctor, Zuart Alvarado warned that international studies indicate that obesity is directly related to mortality from breast cancer, especially in women postmenopausal .

The theory is that obese women produce more estrogen, hormones that are associated with the development of this type of Cancer .
The health expert of the IMSS, said that it is difficult to present cases of breast cancer in men, since they represent 1% of the total cases. However, they must also feel their moms and identify any changes or alterations in your body.

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