Retinitis is cured with nanoparticles

According to a study conducted by the researchers from Mayo Clinic, Wayne State University and Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, the steroids attached to dendrimers fight cells that cause damage to ocular neuroinflammation, such as retinitis pigmentosa and the macular degeneration .

The specialists point out that the treatment consists in directly applying the nanoparticles in the retina , to leave the eye intact and preserve theview .

In the study published by the magazine Biomaterials, it is pointed out that age-related macular degeneration and retinitis pigmentosa are the product of neuroinflammation, which progressively damages the retina and can lead to blindness .

The retinitis pigmentosa encompasses many diseases genetics that affect the retina; according to the calculation of National Institutes of Health (NIH) affects one in four thousand Americans.

The Mayo Clinic ophthalmologist, Raymond Lezzi , states that there is no cure for this disease, so this nanoparticle treatment offers hope to patients around the world.

The specialist assures that the steroids they only offer temporary protection, but the treatment in general offers sustained relief to theneuroinflammation .   

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