Respect your schedule!

Currently, Labor journeys they are very extensive and it is normal that you neglect your personal life for giving priority to your professional work, but, did you know that there are some damage to your health for working overtime?


Even though you have the energy to continue working longer than your schedule includes, either for an economic or work recognition, when you work overtime you damage your body on a physical and mental level, and reduce your quality of life.

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Respect your schedule!

1. Alter your productivity . If you stay to work late you will not improve your productivity, on the contrary, it decreases your work performance. In this way, try to enjoy the nights for you, so you have greater fluency, says the doctor Maike Debus, psychologist at the University of Zurich .

2. Exhausted . According to a study of Aragon Institute of Health Sciences When you work more than 40 hours a week you increase the risk of suffering exhaustion six times more.

3. Dependence . The income you earn from working overtime can become a necessity, since you run the risk of increasing your expenses by having that extra money. This situation increases your levels of stress and anxiety.

4. Diseases . A study published in the European Heart Journal He details that working more than 10 hours a day increases the risk of suffering from problems related to the heart, gastrointestinal, ulcers, depression and cancer.

5. Injuries . People who work overtime are 61% more likely to suffer injuries at work, according to a study National Longitudinal Survey of Youth .

Another negative point of working overtime and s the low quality of life that you experience, since when you spend a lot of time in the office you miss personal events such as birthdays, parties, friends or couple meetings.

To avoid damage to your body and have a better mood , meet your work schedule and then enjoy the rest of the day with activities that you like or just enjoy time with your loved ones. And you, do you work overtime?

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