Remedies for blisters on the feet

One of the most frequent problems in women are blisters on the feet, due mostly to the excessive use of shoes that do not fit properly or that are too uncomfortable to wear all day, so it is necessary to get hold of of some treatment.

A blister it is an area of skin that bulge or protuberance that contains a watery liquid inside, which are formed mainly due to the friction resulting from friction with the shoes .

You can leave blisters in the feet the first day that you wear uncomfortable shoes, that are not your number or that do not adapt well to the shape of your foot.

The blisters generally they only need time to heal themselves; However, if they are not kept clean and dry, in addition to preventing the rubbing of the same footwear, they may become complicated and the wound may begin to spread or form. callus .

In addition to cleaning and curing a blister, there are several natural remedies that can help, due to their antiseptic properties, improve healing. Therefore, in GetQoralHealth we present some of them, according to

1. Chamomile tea . The chamomile It has antiseptic properties that favor. Prepared in a common way, submerge your feet for 15 minutes in the tea, preferably at medium temperature.

2. Garlic juice . Due to its antiseptic capacity, it is ideal to avoid infections in the blisters of the feet and other parts of the body. To do this, you should simply apply a little of the juice of the Garlic on the affected part.

3. Mallow . Because of its properties, this plant is good for sores, burns and other types of conditions related to skin . Crush some of its leaves and form a poultice, to place it in the affected area for a few minutes.

Remember, it is important that you take care of your feet, so the use of appropriate footwear will benefit your skin , as well as good hygiene. Beauty does not reside in shoes, but in a skin healthy

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