Remedies against bruises

If bruises appear before the slightest accident, this can mean that you have circulation problems or a significant thinning of the skin.

The Langone Medical Center of the University of New York , in its homeopathy unit, recommends eating foods with anticoagulant effects such as cranberry juice, garlic, celery seeds, chamomile, ginger, ginseng and ginkgo biloba as simple remedies to prevent and eliminate bruises.

Apart from these preventive measures, here we share some "home remedies" that you can put into practice to avoid these temporary marks on your skin.

1. Put ice

Place it on the affected area to reduce inflammation. The faster you do it the less the bruise will spread in the affected area.

2. Change the blood flow

If it happens in one of your extremities: lift it or put it in another position, this will help the blood does not accumulate in the area of ​​the blow and the coloration will be reduced.

3. Take an anti-inflammatory

You can take an ibuprofen pill, you will feel relief from pain and it will improve your circulation, which makes it a good remedy for bruising.

4. Rest

After a blow rest a few seconds; if you keep the action the blood flow will increase in that area and the bruise will spread.

5. Use arnica

This ointment is a simple remedy that will help you to reduce inflammation the bruises, and that the coloration disappears when dissolving the coagulated blood.

Finally remember that the most important thing is always to take care of your circulation with simple actions such as: moving the toes of your feet while sitting in the office, alternately supporting spikes and heels, in addition to wearing clothes and shoes not so close to the body. Get moving!

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