Remains of soap

Sometimes we put it off, but once we're under the shower, we feel great. Nothing like a good bathroom! However, we could make certain mistakes when bathing, which is worth putting aside.


Remains of soap

Typical that you did not hear the alarm clock and, as long as you do not arrive late to your work or to some commitment, you bathe in a hurry and do not rinse yourself n. This can cause dry and irritation in your skin . The same applies to shampoo, because leaving traces on your hair can cause dandruff .


Daily bath

Although it seems like a habit for your hygiene, you can be negative . Researchers from the University of California, United States, say that it could eliminate those bacteria which are used for the body to fight some infections . Doing it every third day is the healthiest option.


Wet sponge

Avoid leaving it like this, humidity favors the accumulation of bacteria in her. When you finish bathing, squeeze it well and put it in a place where it can dry. Do not forget that they store dead cells, so it is vital that you change them periodically.


Dragged on

If you are one of those who can spend a "ratote" under the shower, we have a bad news: the long bathroom can cause your skin lose hydration . Dermatologists recommend that the shower does not last ten minutes.



In hot

In cold weather it seems, but hot water can affect your blood circulation and dry your skin . Opt for the tibia and do not forget to give a cold water regderazo at the end, to reaffirm your immune system , put on good humor and stop the Muscle pain .


Of "washed face"

It is advisable that you do it with warm water, throwing it to cold, to avoid that the heat damages the skin and the pores close without problem. In addition, it is an effective technique to prevent acne breakouts .

In how many of these errors have you fallen? To bathe as you should!


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