Relax with ying yang spheres

A way to pamper yourself and relax from all the stress of the week is the new Chinese therapy called Kun Fu Chio , which is practiced with the help of spheres Ying Yang.

According to Institute of Alternative Medicines Iris , with this massage you achieve a deep relaxation by the harmonic union between the sound produced by the spheres ying yang and the circular and soft movements.

The technique consists of a soft massage by circular movements, while you calm your mind with the delicate sound that emanates from the ying yang spheres. You can even give yourself the massage with the spheres and eliminate the stress of your life:

When the spheres travel the different parts of the body they eliminate tension and some ailments like headache, insomnia , digestive problems, blurred vision, apnea , inflammation , constipation It promotes mental agility, blood circulation and the elimination of toxins .

The important thing about each of the spheres is their sound, since one emanates a yin vibration, and the other a yang, so each one is used for one side of the body when the massage is performed. If you want to know more alternatives to eliminate the stress visit Massage .

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