Where did that flat belly of 20 years go? If you are between 30 and 40 , and you also ask yourself that question, do not worry! We have the solution. Put these tips into practice for burn abdominal fat and you will love your 'little belly' again.



Your enemy is the stress , something that at 20 years does not usually exist. We know it is complicated, but try to reduce your level of work stress to the maximum.

A hobby It can help you relax during the weekends. What Michael Symonds recommends, professor of physiological development at the University of Nottingham (United Kingdom), is to be as energetic as possible. Dancing, for example, is a very good option.


Good nutrition

Take care of your diet According to experts, it has to be healthy, varied and balanced . Do not abuse sugars and fats, and avoid junk food.

At 30 your purchasing power increases and meals or dinners outside the home become more common. We do not tell you not to step on a restaurant, but the homemade food It is always healthier and less caloric.



Exercise, of course. If you do not have much time, two and a half hours a week They may be enough. They are only 20 minutes a day.

But aerobic or anaerobic ? A study by Obesity magazine says that with the second you are less likely to accumulate fat in the waist.

The secret is to combine food and exercise . It is not good to eat well, but do not worry about sports, or vice versa.


Do it for your health

It is not just an aesthetic question. People with excessive abdominal fat are more likely to suffer cardiovascular problems and cancer than those that accumulate fat in other parts of the body. It says a study published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology.

You are very close to getting all that abdominal fat burned. A little willpower and say hello to that flat belly of 20 years.


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