Relationship of couple affects the immune system?

A healthy and satisfactory Relationship it can generate, in each one of the individuals that integrate it, not only desire to live and enjoy, it can also help the professional and emotional development with other people; However, if there is insecurity there may be a risk to health.

According to a study conducted by the specialist Angelo Picardi In Italy, feeling insecure in a relationship can have consequences for the immune system.

The research counted with the participation of 61 healthy women. Through blood tests, the scientists found that females who had problems in their love relationships might have a weaker immune system than those who had more stable relationships.

Picardi points out in this study that people who feel insecure in this regard have difficulties to trust and depend on others, feel uncomfortable with emotional intimacy or worry that their partner may leave. He demonstrated the association between insecurity in the couple and certain skin diseases related to immune dysfunction, such as psoriasis.

The specialist says that this study is the beginning to discover the relationship that exists between relationships and their influence on physiology, including the immune system.

This study emphasizes that a Relationship or loving can affect beyond the emotional plane. That is why it is important that human beings try to find a balance between their emotions and their physical state, to achieve optimal health in mind and body.

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