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"Even though I love it, I'm not going to wear a bigger size, I'll lose weight first" ... Even if you do not believe it, with this simple phrase our obsession to lose weight.

In an exclusive interview for GetQoralHealth, the humanistic psychotherapist, Mariano Salinas confirms that "the whole question of weight has to do with the body image and what that causes in the outside world."

For example, the obsession with the weight It arises for many reasons that sometimes go unnoticed by ourselves:

1. Pressure at the aesthetic level

2. Media bombardment with thin women as desirable bodies

3. Badly understood self-discipline

4. The distortion of body perception

"Many times they have tried to blame men for this obsession of women; however, it is they themselves that generate this problem when performing constant criticism at a high weight: Mariano Salinas.

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