Rejuvenate with your own cells

The appearance of wrinkles affects the self-esteem of women, so it is normal to resort to any aesthetic procedure to prevent them; however, some of these processes can be a bit risky. Therefore, a new treatment to reduce expression lines that helps to regenerate the collagen .

According to information published in The New York Times , the treatment called Laviv is the first procedure of its kind to be approved by The Food and Drug Administration (FAD). Unlike other procedures in which external substances are injected to provide volume or paralyze the facial muscles, it uses the cells to create an injection with fibroblasts, which are responsible for providing collagen to skin .

According to the specialists, the effect of Laviv It is observed six months after the application. The wrinkles that appear around the smile or the eyes disappear without a trace.

This procedure that regenerates collagen of the skin It is the first 100% natural aesthetic process to maintain beauty of the face, so there are no secondary reactions due to its use.

In addition, a diet rich in protein, potassium, vitamins C and A, as well as antioxidants prevents the appearance of wrinkles , because they stimulate the production of collagen .

Among the foods that you can consume daily are lean meat, seafood, lentils, beans, cottage cheese, oysters, nuts, red fruits, olive oil, green tea, tomatoes and yogurt. You can also complement your care with a little yoga facial, which tones your muscles. And you, do you use any treatment with collagen?

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