Regenerate bones with 3D printer

The technology advances quickly and proof of this is the 3D printer, which has begun to be used to create bones , from a material very similar to woven bone , which according to researchers will serve to repair injuries .

The engineers say that the substance can be added to bone natural damaged and act as a scaffold to grow new cells In addition, so far, no negative side effects have been found.

According to information published by the portal of BBC World , the researchers foresee that doctors have the possibility of using this technique to create and replace woven bone tailored, in a few years.

The teacher Susmita Bose , which helped in carrying out the study in the University of Washington , notes that "... you can use this ceramic powder similar to bones as a feeding material. Anything that is drawn on the computer can be done with it. "

The specialist points out that the printer releases an acid, instead of ink, on a dust film, with which it reacts to produce a ceramic object that traces the shape of the bone to rebuild.

The bone damaged is reproduced in its original form by printing successive layers; the process is repeated layer by layer until they are completed, at which time the scaffold is dried, cleaned and then baked for two hours at 1250º C.

In addition, tests performed on cells of fetal bone in the laboratory determined that new cells bone began to grow on the scaffolds during the first week after having been attached to the tissue .

"They estimate that between 10 to 20 years, doctors and surgeons will be able to use these scaffolds, along with other bone growth factors, either for surgeries of the jaw or for spinal fusion "says Bose.

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