Reduce the effects of infarction by injection

Surely you know someone who at some point in their life has been a victim of a heart attack or has been at risk of suffering, if not someone close to you, yes an acquaintance or distant relative. It is just at that moment that we think about the consequences of a fact like this. An old saying goes: "If your neighbor's beard you saw shave, put yours to soak"; The problem is that we do not always do it. Heart attacks, while unpredictable, can be prevented, unfortunately very few people do what is necessary; it is until this condition has already presented that you become aware of things, unfortunately many times it can be too late .

Given this, there is already a solution , that although it is in hover, can be in the long run a very good alternative for when the infarct is imminent. It is a injection which is applied up to twelve hours after the attack was presented, and which, according to La University of Leicester , in the United Kingdom, it can reduce up to 50% damage degenerative that are a consequence of said attack.

According to the researchers what is injected is a antibody that inhibits the damaging power of a enzyme that acts in this type of episodes.

Heart or brain attacks occur when the Blood flow that reaches the tissue suffers a blockage due to a clot or a hemorrhage. In both cases, the lack of irrigation leads to a lack of oxygen (ischemia ) that damages the cells.

The scientists of the University of Leicester they explained to BBC World that, paradoxically, the greatest damage to the fabric occurs when the blood circulation , because at that moment the cells affected by the ischemia they behave like an invading organism for the body's defenses.

These, prepared to recognize and resist the aggression of pathogens - in a process that takes place between nine and 12 hours - attack the affected area, which produces a severe inflammation that is responsible for 80% of the permanent damage after a cardiovascular episode.

The investigations are still in the experimental phase, but it is expected that the results will follow the courses that have been conducted so far, which would mean an important advance in scientific matters in benefit of the patients of these conditions. Either way, the best is to prevent and lead a healthy life. As always, we recommend you take care of your lifestyle so that you do not have to resort to this type of alternatives.Watch your health , it is the most important!

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