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The constant stress of today's life, and habits such as thinking about a future that has not yet arrived, produce not only anxiety Y depression, but an imbalance and emotional conflict that can harm your health and even your relationship as a couple. However the yoga It could be the key to healing this internal aspect.

A study of Hindu University of Benares in India affirms that the regular practice of this discipline improves the problems of depression. This is because they significantly increase the levels of serotonin and decreases cortisol, resulting in a state of integral well-being.

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Recover and free!

Each posture has a function or benefit, so in the following video the director of the Mexican Institute of Yoga, Ana Paula Domínguez, explains how to carry out an ideal asana to free your emotions and increase your internal potential.


Channel your energy

By helping you heal your emotions Yoga allows you to reach a more positive state and happy . To reinforce this result we provide you with the following positions:

1. Camel Reduces fatigue, menstrual discomfort, mild headache and respiratory problems. This position allows an opening emotional and it's a good way to release energy.

2. Dove Relieves tension in the chest and shoulders, and stimulates the abdominal organs with what helps to regulate the digestion. However, this position also helps to eliminate stress, fatigue and anxiety . If you feel that "nothing goes right", this asana can help you significantly.

Chronic high levels of cortisol (the stress hormone) can increase the blood pressure and insulin resistance, all of these are risk factors for heart disease. To avoid it, a good option is the practice of yoga.

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