Recommendations to control your calories healthily

If you want to reduce your caloric intake, here are some recommendations, so that you reach your goals without dying in the attempt. Dr. Adriana Liceaga, specialist in nutritional issues tells you how to achieve it.

1.- Check the label of the products you consume: "People do not have the habit of reading the nutritional information of their food and that's why they eat and eat, but they do not know that in a single beat of soft drinks they can consume more than 300 calories."

2.- Do exercise. In this sense Dr. Liceaga points out that people should perform at least one hour of exercise: "This should be continuous and intense, to burn at least 400 calories."

3.- Share your food In most restaurants the portions are large, so the ideal, according to the specialist, is that you do not finish all the food that you serve.

4.- Move all the time. Although walking or climbing the stairs does not represent an exercise in itself, it is a good physical activity to burn some calories.

5.- Reduce your intake of soda. For Liceaga one of the most common mistakes is that people have a habit of drinking soda, which in addition to raising their body fat, raises their blood sugar levels.

In this sense, Dr. Liceaga reiterates that the only way for someone to lose weight is to eat healthily and exercise for one hour:

"All the products that advertise that they will lose weight is a lie. People should understand that they should burn more calories than they eat. Otherwise, they will not achieve their goal. "

Video Medicine: Healthy Eating - Portion Control (January 2021).