Recognize errors when breathing

Recognize errors when breathing

During the training , it is essential to take care of the way oxygen your muscles in order to increase the Energy , physical condition and resistance. Experts suggest avoid errors of breathing during the exercise .

A investigation notes that when you do not breathe properly, when you perform a force movement, the blood pressure . While those who exhale and inhale normally, during the exercise , reduce the tension .


Recognize errors when breathing

Gerardo A. Araya Y Cinthya Campos Salazar , specialists of the School of Physical Education and Sports of the Costa Rica university , point out that during training and depending on the intensity of the exercise , it could change the way you breathe normally. They advise avoiding these mistakes.

1. Inhale through the mouth. The air that enters is cold and dry, with a large amount of particles. Breathing in this way increases the risk of suffering from respiratory diseases and allergic responses due to the change in temperature.

2. Inhale when lifting weight. When routines are done with weights, the correct thing to do is to exhale while lifting the weight, that is, while doing the effort.

3. Exhale by making the greatest effort. In weight training, it is recommended to inhale and not exhale when the applied force is lower, that is to lower the weight, add the specialists.

4. Hold the breath. When making a exercise Where you apply force it is a mistake to hold on to the air or hold your breath. If you get used to it, you could trigger problems in the cardiorespiratory system, diastolic blood pressure, dizziness or fainting.

5. Keep your back stooped. A good posture of the back facilitates the work of the muscles and lungs. When you run, avoid tipping or arching your back, this position causes you to take less air or suffer muscular discomfort. Keep your back straight and look straight ahead. Inhale through the nose and exhale through the mouth.


The proper way to breathe When doing aerobic exercise is to inhale through the nose and exhale through the mouth. The rhythm is marked by the intensity of the training "They explain Araya Y Fields .

Remember that, depending on the type of exercise or training , you need to breathe in a specific way. By doing so, you will be filling Energy to you organism , you reduce the stress , improves heart rate and blood pressure. During training, are you aware of your breathing ?

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