Recipe to learn to give

When there is no flexibility, the ability to give in and to seek a commitment, it is impossible to build a harmonious home, have a good relationship and live with peace of mind.

In general, you want to be right, expect others to understand your point of view and insist on defending your own ideas.

However, when you can validate the reality of the other, you can put yourself in their place and understand it with openness, then you can yield with love and solidify a positive and emotionally nutritious relationship.


Recipe to learn to give


  1. A tolerance bar
  2. Two pledge envelopes
  3. A cup of flexibility
  4. A spoonful of appreciation
  5. A bunch of respect
  6. A bit of nobility
  7. Condiments: Kindness, generosity and patience

Caution: You have to think before you act; there is always time to claim and fight


Husbands, partners, friends, always two is better than just one. When you are aware that it is necessary to have a partner or a partner to get up and enjoy, the challenges are reduced and the joys multiply. Caring for, giving in and understanding the couple is perhaps the most beneficial action for oneself.

You have to have a heart that listens to be able to understand and give in. The heart that listens with attention maintains a warm and compassionate relationship, generates pleasant communication, a continuous smile, good energy and reinforces the relationship in such a way that it is easy to talk and understand all the feelings.

A solid relationship is to have the flexibility and ability to learn when you notice mistakes, different points of view, contrary opinions and uneven interests.

The pride itself makes the experiences not easy or pleasant but as a result you get great personal growth and a harmonious and lasting relationship. "Giving up is not losing the battle; is to grow, to gain character and to live better ". And you, how many times do you give in a day?

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