Recipe to Exit Forward

Do you feel that the whole world is against you or nothing you do is right? Do not worry, maybe it's a period where you need to focus more on your actions to get ahead and let silence be a positive part of your life to achieve all your goals.

While silence can be sacred, prudent and in some cases pertinent, at other times it can be a deadly weapon that destroys and deteriorates any relationship.

When silence is used as an intimate space to communicate empathy, to share feelings that words can not express, then this space becomes an invaluable treasure, in an intense, deep moment that unites and strengthens.

However when the silence becomes an evasive that creates a barrier or an eardrum impossible to penetrate, moves away, isolates and hurts. One must be careful when one is silent, because not saying anything is also talking. Therefore, to improve your quality of life, express yourself and put into practice the following recipe.


Recipe to Exit Forward


  1. A cup of acceptance
  2. A cup of value
  3. Three communication envelopes
  4. A spoonful of determination
  5. A kilo of genuine change
  6. A pinch of responsibility
  7. Sprinkle with faith
  8. Condiments: Support of people, discipline, humility, guide of professionals.


No one plans to have a bad time in their life; However, sometimes things happen either because we do not realize enough, we do not plan or simply things do not happen as we were expecting.

Therefore, it is important to be realistic and accept those situations where we are wrong. You have to put aside your pride and see what is truly important.

When that is clear to us, it is necessary to fight for our ideals, without stopping, without waiting for things to change on their own. We have to take responsibility for our actions. You have to take courage, determination and change immediately, because that today is a big problem, can be the beginning of a better life, a better future and a stronger and stronger relationship.

Everything that happens has a reason for being, for a better life opportunity. Remember, your life is priceless, but it does have value. You have to have value in life to be able to face difficult moments and learn from them, since these are the ones that forge character and make a difference. And you, do you express yourself or do you prefer to remain silent?

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