Recipe to be more beautiful

Currently, most women want to look beautiful at whatever price, they even put their Health to undergo dangerous surgeries in order to be thinner or to modify any part of the body. However, a beautiful woman is one that is accepted and valued as it is. GetQoralHealth gives you the recipe to achieve it.


1 positive attitude cup2 droplets of inner peace1 bunch of continuous smiles1 pinch of personal care2 generosity1 slice of health

Condiments: Exercise , study and good habits

Caution: The obsession to look beautiful can become a distraction that prevents cultivating other aspects that are equal or even more important.


1. Learn to accept and value your personal attributes. Each person has something that distinguishes him and makes him unique. Strengthening these aspects makes a difference and nurtures self-esteem.

2. True beauty should not focus only on the physical one should also take into account the spirituality. The essence of beauty It lies in harmony, where the internal and the external mix. When you manage to create this harmony, the beauty it is much deeper than the simple visual range.

3. Although appearance is not the most important thing, it is always good to take care of the body, but in a healthy way.

Being beautiful is a question of attitude, nobody is like you. Love yourself as you are to be a beautiful woman. Good luck! For more information visit

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