Recharge the energy

After a season full of work, stress and complications, nothing better than taking time to recharge energy. To help you there are different yoga postures what can you do in your holidays .

To practice yoga among its benefits not only effectively combat the stress , but also improve the mood general, because it decreases the depression , eliminates headaches, back and benefits the quality of sleep, says an article in the Harvard Medical School .


Recharge the energy

So that you decide to give the opportunity to this discipline, we present the top of the best yoga postures for vacations. They are fun, simple, but above all do they work .

1. Dog face down. Stand on the end of your mat and lean forward, plant your hands on the ground and take a step back. Lift your hips As high as you can, keep the muscles of your legs firm and breathe deeply. Perform 4 repetitions of 30 seconds.

2. Camel Start kneeling, with your legs at a distance from your hips and bring your hands to your lower back with your fingers pointing down, keeping your hips on your knees.

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