Rare diseases affect 8% of the population

They are called rare diseases to those that affect a minority of people with respect to the population in general, to less than one in every 2 thousand cases.

There are also less frequent diseases that affect 1 in 100 thousand people. Currently it is estimated that there are between 6 thousand and 7 thousand rare diseases different, affecting 8% of the population. GetQoralHealth he mentions you below 5 of these rare diseases .


  • X fragile syndrome: is a genetic disease that is caused by a hereditary defect in the chromosome X. It is the most frequent cause of Mental retardation hereditary. In Spain 1 in 4 thousand men suffers from this disease. Clinically attends with a Mental retardation mild with learning difficulty, dyslexia , hyperactivity , anxiety and autistic behaviors.
  • Moebius syndrome: is a disease that prevents the development of nerves cranial that control the blinking and lateral movement of the eyes and facial expressions, etc. Cause Facial paralysis . The lack of facial expression is accompanied by drooling, difficulty speaking and pronunciation problems.
  • Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis: It is a condition neurodegenerative which causes the progressive loss of neurons motor The prevalence of the disease is 5 to 9 per 100 thousand subjects. The age of onset of the disease is between 40 and 60 years. The main symptoms are weakness and muscle deterioration. The disease is progressive with disability, usually leading to death within 3 to 5 years.

The following video presents a campaign to raise awareness in society about the rare diseases :


  • Prader Willi syndrome: it is a disease of embryonic development. Its incidence is 1 per 25 thousand live births. It is characterized by obesity , hypotonia (abnormally diminished tone of muscle ), Mental retardation and hypogenitalism .
  • Schönlein-Henoch purple: It is characterized by inflammation of small blood vessels. It affects the capillaries of the skin , the intestine and the kidneys. It produces eruptions in the skin dark red or violet color called purple.

These are just some rare diseases, there are more than 8 thousand types. Fortunately, specialists and scientists work on them to be able to develop some medication or cure that improves the quality of life of those who suffer from them.

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