Rafael Nadal performs sweat test

The Spanish tennis player, Rafael Nadal , did a "sweat test" in the Castilla-La Mancha university (UCLM), in order to investigate the rehydration needs of professional athletes when exercising under temperatures elevated.

According to information published in the portal of the Excelsior , the proof was that the number two in the ranking of the ATP, exercise in hot conditions similar to those found when he played the semifinal of the Davis cup .

In the laboratory of Physiology of Exercise its ability to dissipate was measured hot through the sweating, and how his temperature bodily. The UCLM indicated that in the next few days the composition of its sweat as well as its initial hydration status.

Professor Ricardo Mora said that with the data that was obtained, a report will be prepared to offer the best strategies for rehydration and nutrition, before and during matches.


Sweat test

Before starting the test, a sample of urine , the density and based on this, recommendations are made to drink liquids before starting training or a competition.

According to Dr. Gonzalo Rodríguez, specialist in Sports Medicine, the test is performed through a test that has a specific time and a standardized intensity according to a heart rate range, the sex Yet the age of the individual. You get sweat that is analyzed to quantify the loss of liquids and of electrolytes, and check if the replacement through a drink with these characteristics has diminished the consequences that a loss would have had. In this way, the athlete will objectify with reliable data how his body has behaved in the face of the loss and replacement of the fluid.

This scientific test has been applied to different athletes around the world, with which it seeks to create a culture of hydration.