Radiation has little effectiveness in lung cancer

A study published by the magazine American Cancer Society , discovered that elderly patients with lung cancer who received radiation treatment did not prolong their lives.

The results suggest that doctors should not systematically use radiation to treat lung cancer after surgery, since radiation does not diffuse properly in the affected area, at least in elderly patients.

The following video shows how lung cancer develops due to smoking:

Patients with lung cancer that has spread to the lymph nodes , usually undergo surgery to remove the malignant tumors . Unfortunately, cancer returns quickly, so doctors often use radiation therapy to lower the risk of cancer recurrence, however, this treatment does not help them live longer.

The study was performed on 710 patients who received radiotherapy after surgery, but were not more likely to survive longer than patients who did not receive radiation.

The results show that more information is needed about the potential benefits of radiation therapy before it is routinely used for the treatment of lung cancer.


Video Medicine: TRACO 2014 - Non-small cell lung cancer; Topoisomerase (March 2024).