Put them into practice and improve your self-esteem!

Do you need some tips to lose weight as a couple? According to a study of the University of North Carolina, men and women who leave single are twice as likely to gain weight as those who remain single.

In the investigation it is detailed that in five years, both members of the couple gain between three and five kilos when they marry or live together. So that this does not happen to you, in the next video, GetQoralHealth.co m gives you 5 tips to lose weight in a couple.

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Put them into practice and improve your self-esteem!

It is important that each member of the couple is determined to improve their habits to achieve a slimmer and healthier body, this way it will be easier and they will not notice the effort they will make together.


Support and motivation, keys to lose weight

Another study of Research Triangle Institute suggests that couples who share a program to lose weight manage to fulfill it with greater success than those who do not.

In addition, they have more possibilities to improve their diet, control their blood pressure to healthy levels and a good quality of life, says Dr. Megan Lewis, author of the research.

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The specialist details that couples who support each other and maintain a constant activity in their exercise and nutrition programs can lose more weight at six months, than those who do not exercise support and motivation between them.

So if you want to lose those extra kilos you've earned by getting married, the first thing you should do is convince your partner to improve their lifestyle and create a plan that benefits both of them. Remember that motivation is the key to achieve it. And you, do you already have a plan to lose weight as a couple?

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