Purifying diet to burn fat

The depurative diets are very advisable for burn fat Y carbohydrates present in many of the foods that we eat daily. They allow to accelerate the expense caloric while cleaning the digestive system and the organism is renewed.

Despite all its benefits, great care must be taken when implementing a diet of this type since we can not abuse them, so it is advisable to follow them for a maximum of two weeks.

If you wear it for a long time, it is advisable that it should be for a maximum of one month, but only two days a week and accompanied by a diet of maintenance .

The weightloss It is progressive, so our body assimilates the change much better and it is more difficult to recover the weight we lost.

After finishing a depurative diet , you must continue with your eating habits normally, without abuses because otherwise, nothing will have been done. To know about the depurative foods , in GetQoralHealth We present a video in which the Spanish nutritionist, Ana Beltrán, who explains in this regard:


Benefits of a cleansing diet

1. Elimination of toxins by means of the depuration and elimination of liquids.
2. It decreases the levels of cholesterol , triglycerides and the blood pressure .
3. Control the levels of glucose .
4. It improves physical and mental performance, the quality of dream and the metabolism .

Bear in mind that this type of subsistence allowance they are based on the combination of properties depuratives of one or several foods, as well as herbs, plants or infusions . But not only are we going to "feed" based on liquids, we must also include vegetables, broths, salads, fruits, fresh cheese or cottage cheese, skimmed yogurts, whole grains and cookies and juices or juices.

During the time you carry out your depurative diet , do not forget to drink lots of fluids and perform exercise , prefer sugar substitutes , do not drink coffee or alcoholic drinks .

Remember that it is very important that before making a diet of this type, it is advisable to consult a specialist beforehand.

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