Psychological factors of anorexia nervosa

Who have a tendency to develop an attack of depression, or even those who have a low self esteem , can develop the disorder of the anorexia nervosa as a reaction to the current psychological pressure.

People who suffer from this condition, are emotionally oppressed. Some consider that the manifestation of the disease is a passive or active means of coping with the psychological pressures imposed on them.

People who try to have a challenging position in life through the lack of food intake go out of the ordinary, therefore the objectives and emotional reasons are different. In this way, the cause and effect of the disease and the factors can be exchanged.


Anorexia triggers

We all go through different stages in our lives. Adolescents focus on the development of adaptation mechanisms to fully express themselves and establish their identity.

Along with this, transitions occur. These permanent changes in the life of each person, are usually a new form of stress. The means of addressing them can determine the possible appearance of disorders, among which is the anorexy .

And it is that the intense emotional sensations can not be handled with care. These high intensity stress factors can be the cause of loss of appetite and later, become a chronic state of anorexy .  

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