Proteins that heal your brain?

Not only to lose weight does exercise work, it could also be the key to maintaining the health of your brain, according to a study carried out by experts from the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and the Department of Cell Biology, Harvard Medical School.

To obtain the benefits of physical activity, this must be done for 30 minutes, vigorously and for five days a week, according to an investigation carried out by the University of Exeter and Brunel in Great Britain.


Proteins that heal your brain?

Published in Cell Metabolism, The study shows that when you exercise, you secrete a muscle protein called FNDC5 that in turn divides into irisin that stimulates the brain's hippocampus, improving cognitive functions.

According to an analysis carried out in mice, Christiane D. Wrann and James P. Blanco part of the research team, they discovered that the practice of resistance exercises stimulated in the hippocampus the production of the FNDC5 protein that alters the BNDF; master expression of the survival of nerve cells, differentiation, and plasticity in the brain.

This leads to an improvement in cognitive function, learning and memory. This study adds to those that explain the benefit of incorporating a dose of exercise into the daily routine. Try it!

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