Protect yourself!

If you have noticed that in recent days you sneeze more than usual, cough, have runny or stuffy nose, itching or burning eyes and nose, you are likely to suffer fromspring allergy .

In spring, cases of allergies because the flowers they begin to detach pollen , coupled with the pollution , dust, humidity Y hot . Anyone is susceptible to developing this problem.

"The allergy to the pollen can affect up to 40% of the population . Interestingly they are made allergic the inhabitants of the cities where pollen and pollution are mixed ", says Pilar Mur , Head of Allergology of Hospital of Santa Bárbara de Puertollano , Spain.


Protect yourself!

We cite some measures that specialists recommend for protect you of the spring allergy .

1. It is necessary to maintain ventilated the bedrooms from your house. Preferably in the mornings or afternoons. At night, close the windows so that dust or pollen does not enter your home, advises Ana María Gallardo , former president of the Chilean Society of Allergy and Immunology .

2. Avoid having in your rooms carpets , flowers, stuffed animals, books and any other object what keep dust , suggests Gallant .

3. Keep clean the clothing of bed , this is sheets, pillow cases and all clothes that cover it. If possible, wash it every week with hot water (54 ° C). Includes the cleaning of curtains and blinds, exhorts the Former President of the Chilean Society of Allergy and Immunology .

4. When you pick up the clothes that you had outside, take them out of the rooms of your home and keep them immediately, point out Ana María Gallardo .

5. The plants Y trees they are a source of allergies for him pollen and the secretions that they give off. If you love having them in your home, a good idea is to place them outside the rooms and in pots.

6. If you love to live with animals it is important that they remain outside of the bedrooms of your home (bedroom, living room, dining room, bathroom and kitchen). Ideally, you bathe your pets at least once a week, this helps reduce the amount of allergen with dandruff and hair they release.

7. Because the plants Y flowers pollinate early, it is likely that at this time the allergic reactions increase, so try not to expose yourself to the environment by mornings and after six o'clock late . If unavoidable, cover mouth and nose, says the allergist Alberto  García Lagarda .

8. Joaquín Sastre , president of the Spanish Society of Allergology and Clinical Immunology , says that the antidote to fight the spring allergy is the immunotherapy or vaccination antiallergic. This must be prescribed by a specialist, prior to performing medical examinations.

Other important measures is to wash your hair when returning home, since it is a source that catches allergens . Avoid contact with the smoke of cigar , do exercise in open places, expose yourself in green areas . Do not forget to wear sunglasses if you are going out.

The United States Asthma and Allergy Foundation (AAFA) affirms that among the good measures to avoid spring allergy is exhaustive cleaning at home.

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