Prostate cancer is the second cause of death in Mexico

TheCancer is developed in one of the glandular organs of the male reproductive system (prostate ), because some prostatic cells they mutate and begin to multiply uncontrollably.

In Mexico, prostate cancer is the second leading cause of death malignant tumors in men aged 65 or older, with about 5 thousand deaths annual, which means that approximately 14 men die per day.

Unfortunately, 75% of patients with prostate cancer they go to the doctor when the disease is already very advanced, and consequently it is much more difficult to treat it.

In the next video , journalist Guillermo Ochoa give your testimony of how you have fought against this disease and gives you some tips to take preventive measures against the disease:

Since it is a public health problem that affects a sector of the economically active population, and in order to diminish the impact of the prostate cancer in Mexico, the Mexican Society of Urology (SMU), the Mexican Society of Oncology (SMeO), the Mexican Association for the Fight against Cancer (AMLCC) and Sanofi join efforts to carry out a campaign of prevention , diagnosis Y treatment timely.

This initiative has objective create awareness in the male population and contribute to a greater number of patients, at any stage of the disease , can benefit from a multidisciplinary and individualized care, having the same possibilities of access to innovative treatments.

The purpose is to change attitudes and behaviors for men to wear lifestyles plus healthy .

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