Prostate cancer is reduced with chemical castration

One of the most effective treatments against prostate cancer is the blockade of testosterone metabolism , also know as surgical castration or chemical castration . This hormone causes the growth of the cells that are in the organ and, when there is Cancer , this one reproduces much faster. In this regard, the doctor Mauricio Cantellano Orozco , specialist of the Unit of Urology of the Hospital "Manuel Gea González", of the Federal Health Secretariat (Ssa), said: "Prostate cancer occurs mainly in men over 40 years of age, the older they are, the more likely they are to contract it, so it is recommended that studies be conducted periodically to detect any prostate disease in time. "

Regarding the treatment Cantellano Orozco recalled that the testosterone In the body of a man is produced in 90% through the testicles and the remaining 10% is produced in the adrenal glands, which are above the kidneys: "When a person with prostate cancer advanced, both testicles are removed, which is called orchiectomy , he is being surgically castrated. "He explained that this type of castration is through other types of drugs that act from the central part of the patient.These drugs are injected and block all the steps of testosterone synthesis and they are called LH-RH analogs, which replace surgical castration, and are an alternative to avoid having to remove the testicles from the patient.

The specialist argued that annually around three thousand men die in Mexico from this disease, but also every year, there are about three thousand new cases of this type of disease. Cancer . He explained that one of the best known systems to detect this condition is through a blood test , where the values ​​of the prostatic antigen , same that in its normal levels it is observed in rank of zero to four, but when these already are exceeded, it is necessary the evaluation by a specialist in urology . We present the following video, so you know in depth what are the characteristics of this test:

For his part, Cantellano Orozco commented that the prostatic antigen is a substance that is generated precisely in the prostate, and when it produces the substance in greater quantities, it is because there may be three types of diseases in the prostate. The first one, he explained, can be an infection that would be the prostatitis , the second is a benign growth, without Cancer , which is the prostatic hyperplasia and the third is the growth of the organ, but with cancer cells, which is the disease of greatest risk: the prostate cancer . He said that there are patients who have up to 10 units in their values ​​of presence of prostate antigen, which is considered an emergency and requires to be evaluated by the specialist: "In those cases, it is very likely that the patient already has cancer in the prostate "On the other hand, he pointed out that part of the procedure for the diagnosis of prostate is touch through the anus, since it is crucial to know the prostate situation, because" when there are parts that harden like stone ", it's because the Cancer has invaded it: "When the Cancer is still focused on the inside of the prostate, radiation is not recommended, since there are other treatments. However, radiation is necessary when the cancer has already invaded other organs such as the bladder, muscles and even bones around the pelvis, because it is very advanced cancer that must be treated with radiation, "said specialist the Urology Unit of the Manuel Gea González Hospital ".

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Video Medicine: Prostate Cancer Therapy with Castration (January 2021).