Prince Juan Friso has brain damage

Prince Juan Friso from Holland was transferred to London from Austria, where he has been hospitalized since February 16 after being buried by a snow avalanche that caused serious brain damage, according to information published by the Austrian agency APA .

The son of Queen Beatriz was buried for about 20 minutes under a thick layer of snow and his brain has suffered significant damage, due to the lack of oxygen who suffered during that time.

The accident occurred when he was skiing with an acquaintance in an off-piste area in the alpine resort of Lech, where the risk of avalanche had been declared.


What is brain damage?

According to specialists from Angeles Hospitals , the brain it is the most complex structure of the human organism; their different areas are responsible for movement, sensations, perceptions, emotions and behaviors, and are the seat of mental functions, such as: attention, memory and language.

They emphasize that any damage in the brain affects to a greater or lesser degree these functions, because this is the motor of the human being.

The injury The most frequent cerebral disorder is head trauma, caused by traffic accidents, falls or aggressions. There may also be brain damage from a cerebrovascular disease.

This problem generates physical alterations such as: movement disorders, sensitivity, swallowing, motor coordination and sphincter control, as well as sensory level; In addition, damage is caused to the main cognitive functions.

Recovery from brain damage is difficult; However, the neurorehabilitation It has methods to support the affected to optimize the recovery of their functions, enhance their preserved capacities and help them adapt to their limitations.

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