Prevention studies in the elderly

Due to the physical changes that the organism suffers during the stage of aging , it is necessary that the person over 60 years has a schedule of periodic reviews with different specialists.


During old age, increase the possibility of new sufferings They do not give obvious signals until they are at a very advanced stage.


The health program for the elderly, recommended with the Mexican Social Security Institute, establishes the following actions:


- Measure weight, size and waist.
- Evaluate the state of nutrition.
- Promote healthy eating and daily exercise.

- Application of vaccines according to the vaccination schedule recommended by your geriatrician.
- Periodic care of teeth and gums.
- For the detection of cervical uterine cancer performing the Pap in women from 60 to 65 years old every 3 years; for women over 65 without previous detection, 2 studies with a difference of one year.
- For the detection of breast cancer, practice of clinical breast examination every year in women from 60 to 69 years of age and mammography every 2 years in women from 60 to 69 years.
- Diabetes mellitus detection studies every 3 years.
- Analysis for arterial hypertension detection every year.
- In the presence of cough with phlegm, ask for the pulmonary tuberculosis test.

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