Preventable prostate cancer with circumcision

According to a study conducted by the Fred Hutchinso Cancer Research Center n, circumcision can prevent the development of tumors of prostate cancer .

The procedure, which is usually performed after birth, prevents the appearance of infections and inflammations that favor the appearance of cells cancerous In the following video of Essential Study Partner what is the circumcision and what the procedure consists of:

The investigation explains that circumcision helps protect against infections because when removing the foreskin (fabric that covers the glans of the penis ), the folds below the skin , where moisture can help the survival of pathogens.

For the study, we analyzed the data of more than 1,700 men with prostate cancer and more than 1,640 healthy people, who answered questions about their family, medical and sexual experience.

In general, researchers found that men who had been circumcised before having sex for the first time they had a 15% lower risk of developing prostate cancer .

Specialists emphasize that for protection to take effect, men must undergo circumcision before having their first sexual relationship; however, research will continue to improve the results and offer a more accurate recommendation.

Video Medicine: The Heartbreaking Truth of Penis Cancer | Rene Sotelo | TEDxPasadena (December 2023).