Prevent your mind from becoming distracted

Make a brief analysis : how many times have you discovered measuring your achievements, your physique, your life experience, capabilities and even failures, with those of another person . We can all say that more than once it has happened to us and not even with a negative intention.

This can be something as simple as in a class of yoga turn to see the rest of your companions , and discover that there are some with a privileged body that allows them to reach postures very advanced with remarkable ease and laments that you do not count on that ability .

In that same scenario, you might run into a person who is a beginner and who struggles to achieve asana that is super simple for you, which makes you feel pride of yours advances and you look at it with a certain amount of arrogance.

In both situations, the end is the same: you you compare with others, losing sight of your own performance.


Prevent your mind from becoming distracted

In the rest of life it is like that. The more you distract your attention to what others do, you stop working on what concerns you and what really belongs to you interest .

To avoid falling into trap of the comparisons , consider the advice of the psychologist Mariana Rivera from La Salle University :


  1. Think and acts according to what it is important for you . Remember that each one of us yearns for different things.
  2. We all have a history of lifetime different, that gives us strengths and areas of opportunity in which we have to to work less or more, just for that reason we could never to experience exactly the same as others.
  3. Compare gives way to competition and you do not even have to compete with yourself, the lifetime it's about learning to flow , obtaining an apprenticeship of each event that is presented to you.
  4. Every time you invest time in it, minimize your effort s and achievements , which prevents you from ceasing to value in all its splendor what you are capable of doing.
  5. If you you compare , tea self-abandonment , and that is that you stop Sound and project from your own objectives , to try to match who from your perspective has everything to be happy, without remembering that each person has their own tasks of learning .

The environment in which we live favors the tendency to compare with others and a to wish what have , because socially there is an obligation to comply with certain standards of wellness , that in reality are far from propitiate in your life.

"The search of more luxurious objects, access to entertainment or to exclusive places and even the fact of owning position high level in the labor field, they are not the equivalent of having a joyful life, this realization it depends only on you, "says the specialist.

The above can be possessed to the extent that you feel happy and at ease with you, in that moment you will stop compare yourself to focus on what longing .

The next time you feel the need to compare what you have or are, with someone else's, stop reflect about the concept that you are a be unique and unrepeatable , that neither can nor must compete with others.

What you do to you and the grounds why you want get something only They belong to you to you.Reflect it truly!

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