Prevent depression in older adults

We all feel sad or "down" once in a while. It is part of life itself. But nevertheless, be depressed For some time without any changes in our mood or, on the contrary, feeling that the situation is going to get worse, it can be a symptom of something more serious .

According to the American Association of Geriatric Psychiatry (AAGP), feeling "discouraged" for a long time is not part of the natural aging process. The "dialogue" therapy , medicines or other curative methods, can alleviate afflictions of depression . You do not have to suffer.

Difficulties in diagnosing depression in the elderly

Experts believe that there are many reasons why depression in older adults is often ignored or not treated. As a person ages, the symptoms of depression They are more varied than when you are younger. They can appear as an increase in fatigue, or they can be seen as moodiness or irritability.

Depression can be difficult to identify in older adults because confusion or attention problems caused by depression can sometimes resemble depression. Alzheimer disease or to other brain disorders.

Mood swings and symptoms of depression can also be caused by medications that are usually taken for arthritis, arterial hypertension or for heart disease. Good news for people who are depressed: when proper treatment is followed, they often feel much better.

On the other hand, patients with serious illnesses such as cancer, diabetes, heart disease, cerebrovascular accidents or Parkinson's disease sometimes get depressed. They are anguished to think about how the disease will change their lives. They may feel tired and not be able to face the things that produce sadness . In these cases, treatment for depression is also very useful because it helps them cope with the symptoms of the disease, thus improving their quality of life.

How to prevent depression in older adults

The AAGP says that there are certain steps that an older person can follow. To begin with, it is advisable to try get prepared for the big ones changes in life , how to retire or move out of the house in which they lived for many years.

One way to do this is by trying to maintain relationships with friends; They can help alleviate loneliness if the person loses their spouse. You can also start with a hobby, since this helps keep the mind and body active s. Always keep in touch with the family and allow them to support you when you are feeling very sad.

If you have too many things to do, try to divide them into small tasks that are easier to complete. The exercise It also helps to prevent depression or raise your mood, if you are already depressed: gardening, dancing and swimming are other good ways to exercise. Feeling good physically and eating a balanced diet can help prevent diseases that can lead to disability or depression.

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