Pre-eclampsia occurs in 10% of pregnancies

The preeclampsia is a disease that is presented at the stage of gestation , and it is expected that between 8 and 10% of pregnant records the condition annually. This injures different organs such as liver , kidney , and alter the coagulation ; If not addressed in time, you can move towards eclamsia and cause the death of the mother.

According to the Yolanda Rivas , Head of Intensive Therapy at the Hospital de la Mujer , the symptoms appear from week 20 of pregnancy, and among the most frequent are:

  1. Headache
  2. Elevation of the blood pressure
  3. Inflammation
  4. Edema
  5. Pain in the pit of the stomach or below the right rib
  6. Ringing ears
  7. Urine scarce, very dark or with blood
  8. Increased weight
  9. Bleeding gums
  10. Appearance of red freckles on red legs or arms
  11. Delay of intrauterine growth of the baby or little movement

The expert points out that the causes of the preeclampsia ; however, any woman pregnant he may suffer The risk increases 24% when the woman has arterial hypertension , renal insufficiency , diabetes or other chronic disease .

In addition, it is more likely to be recorded by people with a family history of the disease , obesity , disorders of lipid metabolism, triglycerides or cholesterol elevated, pregnancy before 18 or after 35 years of age, stress Y malnutrition .

The expert details that the first cause of death from this condition is the cerebral haemorrhage , as well as the formation and rupture of hematoma in the liver.

The following video explains the risk factors, as well as some recommendations that the pregnant to avoid the condition.

Experts recommend reducing salt intake, ingesting protein such as meat, milk, eggs, calcium and regularly go to your medical review to detect any time.

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