Prana the energetic power in yoga

It is imminent that the different positions of yoga They are a good exercise. They make us more flexible and strengthen our muscles, but what is behind the physical? The answer is that there is an enormous amount of energy flowing through the body, which enters and leaves through the breath.

This powerful energy, which sustains and sustains us, is called: "Prana". This is a Sanskrit word that refers to the vital. In a romantic expression, we can speak of what is the "breath of our lives", the first breath we emit at birth and the last breath we emit when our physical body dies.

Prana is not an exclusive energy of the human being, it is part of any animal or vegetable being. In a practical way, we can feel this Energy in the form of heat, electric currents, in muscle tone, nervous fluid, physiological feelings of hunger, thirst, heat or cold. In general we can refer to this energy is what allows us to feel what it is to be alive.

Many times through the practices of asanas (postures) in yoga or meditation , we are much more present and, therefore, more aware of these sensations that are nothing else, more than the energy of which we speak.

Thanks to the constant practice of yoga , we can make it much more obvious to prana , because through the execution of the asanas , we achieve a greater connection with our body and emotions. Therefore, your immune system is strengthened and you are less prone to get sick, since you are in balance with your emotions. For more information visit:

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