Practice yoga and lose weight

When you adopt the yoga as a lifestyle, you achieve calm your mind You will also burn a lot of calories, so you will lose weight . It's beneficial for tone up Y sculpt your body , especially if you practice a type of yoga that is physically more active, like the Ashtanga , Vinyasa or Birkram (hot yoga)

With this variant of yoga you can burn more than 400 calories in one hour, that is, almost the same amount of energy expenditure that you would lose if you run for 40 minutes. In this regard, a study published in the Journal of the American Dietetic Association discovered a strong relationship that exists between the practice of yoga and the weight control , because it "eats with conscience".

The study did not find a similar relationship between eat consciously with other kinds of physical activities like run or walk . "Being aware of your actions" is very powerful, especially when it comes to weight . When people recognize their actions, they have better decision making, so you will have a greater capacity to discover what makes your body and mind healthy.

With the constant practice of yoga , you will notice, for example, how well the food tastes and you will eat slower to savor each bite, since studies have found that when you take more time to sit at the table, you eat less.

Remember that the purpose ofyoga It is not slim down , that is something that is taken for granted. The goal is to have peace Y internal control to optimize your quality of life, but when you emotions They are in balance, your body is kept in a full state, healthy and happy.

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