Practice them!

The buttocks and legs they serve to walk and run correctly, that is, they maintain a good balance of the body so that they move at great speeds, but what are the best exercises to tone these areas of your body?

According to a study of American Council on Exercise (ACE) and sports scientists at the University of Wisconsin , there are specific exercises to tone the buttocks And the legs.


Practice them!

Hip extensions

It works all the muscles of the gluteus and reduces the tension that accumulates in the hips.


Increase the strength in the legs, which allows you to acquire more speed and power when running or walking.

Climb and descend steps

You increase strength in the legs and increase the volume of the buttocks. In addition, there is a lower risk of injury.


He is considered the king of leg and glute exercises. Increase strength and muscle tone.

Remember that you must warm up your muscles before practicing any exercise, as well as stretching at the end of training, to avoid injuries.

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